Website Development

  • Content Management Systems
  • Software as a Service product development
  • Python / PHP / Ruby / Javascript / .NET
  • Database Architecture
  • If you can dream it, we can build it!

UX / UI & Print Design

  • Thoughtful User Experience Workflows
  • Creative, Clean, Modern Interface Design
  • Existing Site Improvements and Modification
  • Custom Mobile-Ready & Responsive Design
  • Illustration & Infographics

Mobile Apps

  • iPhone and Android Capabilities
  • Full Wireframing and experience design
  • Beautiful custom interface elements
  • Maintains usability standards
  • Turn your ideas into reality!

Social Marketing

  • Facebook / Twitter Page Design
  • Blog Design and Development
  • Curation & Creation of Content
  • Digital Public Relations
  • Search Engine Optimization

Brand Identity & Logos

  • Logo Concepting and Design
  • Color Pallets & Typography Rules
  • Visual Styling and Aesthetics
  • Comprehensive Brand Guidebook
  • Business Cars / Presentation Slide Decks

Strategy & Consulting

  • Development of Core Brand Messages
  • Lean / Agile Methodology Training
  • Idea Vetting and Market Research
  • Development and Launch Strategies
  • Minimally Viable Product Construction

Which Villains are Haunting you?


The Villain | The Whirl-Wind

Cursed with only arms and legs this beast does not see, think, or plan ahead. He’ll run around causing a ruckus, jumping into things and is in general is just a whirling dervish of activity. Unfortunately he never is actually able to do anything of meaning, so he spends eternity wasting a company’s time and resources.

The Hero | Research

How do you stop a creature that’s all action and no brains? Figure out exactly what the Ignobeast should be working on and make it impossible for him to spend any energy on anything but what’s best for your company. By harnessing this destructive force into positive efforts your businesses will grow with leaps and bounds.


The Villain | Blando

This evil little guy hates anything new, colorful, organized, or awesome. He’s been known to paint rainbows beige, go through websites moving key information to random pages to confuse visitors, and can wreck havoc on a business by making them look like everything else and disappear into a sea of blandness.

The Hero | Unique Branding

While Blando’s powers are many he stands no match against the power of a truly unique brand. By spending time creating an innovative logo, using effective typography, designing with awesome colors, and speaking with focused messages in all of your materials your business will melt Blando like the Wicked Witch of the West.


The Villain | Ghost of Pickett

Ever since leading his doomed battle-field charge, Pickett’s ghost haunts the globe tricking people into charging ahead without thinking things through and developing a plan they know will work out in the long run. He loves nothing more than to see smart business people head straight to their doom.

The Hero | Strategy

Now you’ve got a well researched awesome brand, but the Ghost of Pickett still threatens to trick you into charging forward without any strategy or foresight. Luckily a good strategy is even better than an aging hippie medium for keeping this ghost away as Pickett can’t haunt a business with clear goals and metrics for success.


The Villain | Mousedusa

Cursed with only arms and legs this beast does not see, think, or plan ahead. He’ll run around causing a ruckus, jumping into things and is in general is just a whirling dervish of activity. Unfortunately he never is actually able to do anything of meaning, so he spends eternity wasting a company’s time and resources.

The Hero | Innovative Design

A great brand paired with effective and innovative design guarantees Mousedusa has no chance to wreck havoc on your customers. We spend time on every aspect of our designs and pay attention to even the smallest details while staying up on the latest trends, to engage and convert customers instead of turning them into stone.


The Villain | The Grim Loader

Brother of the Grim Reaper, he brings his wrath on unsuspecting users making them waste hours of their precious life looking at load bars, 404 errors, and fixing viruses. Nothing brings him more joy than making you wait forever to load a website only to find the info you were looking for doesn’t even exist.

The Hero | Solid Development

Knowing the Grim Loader only wants to force people to waste their lives away on slow loading and breaking pages, we ensure our clients’ pages are stable, fast, and bug free. By using great hosting, thoroughly testing all aspects of a site, and building sites to grow with your company, you’ll never have to worry about seeing the Reaper.


The Villain | "?"

No one knows what this villain looks like. Some say it may be bigfoot, others the Chubakabra, still others the Loch-Ness monster, and some say it may not exist at all. He knows that scariest creature is the one you can’t even look out for. He’s been known to come in the night and snatch businesses off to obscurity.

The Hero | Marketing

The unknown villain preys on people by hiding in the shadows and snatching up un-noticed businesses. With effective marketing we will put a spot-light on your business and ensure that all your clients and prospective buyers can find you at all times, thus making it impossible to simply disappear and never be heard from again.


The Villain | The Con-Man

The trickiest of all the villains to stop because when you first meet him the Con Man appears to be your friend and have your business needs in mind. But once he gets a taste of your money he vanishes without a trace and you’re left standing there with nothing of value, no way to move forward, and massively in debt.

The Hero | Analytics & Metrics

How do you make sure you aren’t conned by an unscrupulous design agency or that clients are slipping into and out of your site without being noticed? By carefully tracking, measuring, and reporting on every single thing going on with your online presence and then providing these reports directly to your business.


The Villain | The Trap

“Those that don’t know history are doomed to repeat it,” they say. The Trap lures you in and makes you think everything is perfect before it sucks you in, holds you down, and forces you to watch as your competition passes you by. The Trap hates knowledge and knows the less information you have, the easier it is for him to get you.

The Hero | Learning

The trap can only entangle you by seeing your mistakes and laying in wait for you on the road you shouldn’t be heading down in the first place. We help you look at your data, learn from your clients’ needs, and discover any problems with the initial strategy to make sure your business is always heading down the safe and correct path.


The Villain | Webcam on the Wall

Simultaneously the least threatening and also the most dangerous villain of them all. Sure it may tell you you’re business is the “fairest of them all” but what happens when it tells you you’re heading to collapse and you need to change what you’re doing? The truth is a vicious beast and the downfall of many companies.

The Hero | Evaluation

Hearing the truth can often be difficult, but we’ll make sure you business hears it no matter what. Even if the problem is that our strategy was wrong or we made a bad design decision, we’ll be honest and blunt in order to solve any problems as quickly as possible and keep working with your business to reach the pinnacle of success.

Winners Circle


This exciting tech start-up came to us through the LaunchHouse accelerator program. The concept is to allow gamers to achieve fame and fortune wagering on their favorite video games.

Currently the site is in its early stages and functions to allow users to sign up for the upcoming full release and be the first to participate in the competitive gaming leagues.

Our goals were to appeal to a young, hip demographic, inspire users to sign up, and deliver a great deal of key information as effectively as possible.

  • 39,750 + Twitter Followers
  • 300+ Alpha Sign-Ups
  • Follow-on Investor Funding
  • High conversion rates in target demographics.
This line is a visual breaking point

Good Greens


Good Greens was just another bar start-up when we first met them. After trying their product for the first time and seeing their early numbers we were on-board to take them on as a client immediately.

We worked closely with the entire company to create a new and universal brand identity to help launch on a national market. Starting first with an internal audit and market analysis we were able to craft their messaging, taglines, and values.

From there we created a new web presence, visual identity, mobile app, and social marketing to highlight their brand, sell product, and build a strong community within their existing client base.

  • 1,600+ Twitter Followers
  • 60,000+ Daily Visitors
  • 75,000+ App Users
  • 2,400+ Facebook Likes
Negative Space is your friend
FitVia App Design

Usually after a couple examples people start to think...

I have so many questions

The best way to communicate your brand is through a story. From the time we started Babl Media we've recognized that the most frequent stories we hear from clients and people we talk to is that of these great catastrophes caused by the same few problems over and over again. We did our best to identify these problems and built our company and design process around solving them. Every business will face these villains at some point and time, so don't you want someone fighting on your side and telling your story?

  • INCREDIBLE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK - Because we have a small, young, extremely agile and super talented team we’re able to deliver high quality work at rates far below our competition. We don't have a million people between you and our team so your ideas get communicated clearly, saving time, money, and stress.
  • LEAN DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT - Instead of building out a $30,000 dollar site all at once that includes every feature, concept, and idea we could pack into it, we much prefer to first build out a much cheaper concept that only includes the absolutely essential features. This allows us to get your site up months ahead of a full build out and lets us test what features your clients really want, what items are working, and what assumptions we initially had wrong. We can then build and grow your project so that we're only spending time and money on things people really want to use, instead of guessing for the initial release and building in features no one really cares about.
  • AMAZING DESIGN MEETS BRILLIANT TECHNOLOGY MEETS EFFECTIVE SOCIAL MARKETING - Most other companies in our space specialize in either just design or only development. This means that most of the time you’ll get a product that either looks great but doesn’t really work, or a product that works just fine technically but looks horrible and is hard to use. Then when the site is complete we don't leave you hanging on how to actually draw people into the site, as we've been helping you build your following throughout the entire process. We have specialists working on every aspect of your project that are always only a phone call away.
  • EVERYTHING IS KEPT IN-HOUSE - Because we handle all the design and development of your product, no one else will ever have to touch it. This saves you a ton of time and money because no one is taking cash off the top to contract work out and we can ensure consistent code and design. Consistency makes it easier for us to quickly update, efficiently maintain, and effectively grow and improve your site. You will meet and know everyone working on your project and know we’re not shipping work out to India. We believe it's unfair for you to have to wait weeks for a small change as we attempt to contact people thousands of miles away who don't care about your success or your problems.
  • WE THINK ABOUT PEOPLE NOT JUST BUSINESS - The benefits of face-to-face meetings and in-person interviews can not be understated (even if you're not local, we can utilize all sorts of great technology to still provide a personal experience!). We have the unique ability to actually sit down and observe your process first hand to develop a real connection with your team. This helps us build an innovative and effective business relationship where we feel your pains as real people (not nameless users) and strive to keep everyone happy and efficient.
  • WE’RE IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL & WANT TO BE TRANSPARENT - We don’t believe a product such as this is ever truly finished. We won’t just build you a product and then disappear. You will have full and direct access to your product through our web-based client portal. We have processes in place for you to quickly and easily enter any bugs or issues that need attention and track our progress every step of the way. We have absolutely no problem being 100% transparent because we do great work and an informed client is the best kind of client. We value your input and will never force a solution on you that isn’t in your best interest.
  • FULLY CUSTOM WORK - When you work with us you know your site will be one of a kind and the envy of every competitor in your field. When other companies design sites they typically use default templates and frameworks that thousands of other sites are also using. This can diminish your brand value and does not accurately demonstrate the quality of your products. The other advantage of custom work is that we can perfectly tailor your site to perfectly reach your targeted demographics and customers and then continuously grow and make changes to optimize performance.
  • PASSION - Simply put, we really care about what we do. We wake up in the morning excited to design and develop brilliant and innovative products. This isn’t a job for us. This isn’t something someone is forcing us to do. This is something we have to do -- the thing that brings us happiness in life. We want to jump into this project and deliver a solution so fantastic you wouldn’t have even thought it possible. We appreciate your passion and extensive industry experience, and together there is no way we don’t change the entire face of your industry.

Yes we can. We love learning new things, working on exciting projects, and doing whatever it takes to make your dream for your business happen, while slaying all your potential villains. We can help you with your Brand Messages and writing for your website, Logos, Color Schemes, Typefaces, Business Cards, Marketing Materials, Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Apps, Social Media Marketing, Profile Design, and Market Testing & Research.

Apart from the standard solutions most design or development companies offer, we also specialize in working with Start-Ups and Business looking to innovate. We can help you figure out ideas, business plans, market segments, internal staff auditing, and process workflow. If your company is using a piece of software that has you wasting hours a day doing ridiculous and repetitive tasks give us a call, and you'll be amazed at the amount of time and money we can help save your organization.

  1. Someone who truly wants an innovative site that looks different than anyone else's on the web, and is willing to accept some of the inherent risk of being on the cutting edge.
  2. Wants to build a successful company through long term iteration instead of a massive initial build.
  3. Has the budget for the the first iteration as well as at least one additional round of iterations and changes.
  4. Allows us to handle brand identity design (or has a ridiculously good brand already in place).
  5. Has a history in the field or their current position.
  6. Has a focused vision on what the company should be.

So this is the most popular question of all. And I'll be honest, I can't really say without knowing more about you and your business goals and ideas. I will say that typically we're cheaper than agencies of 10+ or more people, but more expensive than the guys who just churn and burn templates all day and don't really care about their clients.

The good news is - if you're really serious about turning your project into a long term, money generating, successful venture we're going to be about the best value you can find. Because of our lean approach you're only going to be spending money on the features and designs you absolutely need, and with our testing, analytics, and client feedback processes you know you're never wasting time and money.

If you have an idea and think we're a good fit for you, click here, tell us what you're thinking about, what your budget is, and we'll let you know what we can do for you!


Check out our idea submission, fill out the form, let us know what your problems are, what your budget is, and we'll let you know how we think we can help. It's pretty simple actually. If you have any questions or concerns, just give us a call and we'll be happy to talk to you in person. Still nothing wrong with a good ol' fashioned phone call.


Get some answers and then check out more slain villains



H&J CPA is a highly successful Accounting Firm based near Cleveland, Ohio. They are great guys dedicated to helping their clients with modern technology, but their old website made them seem out of touch with modern tech and was not representative of the high quality service they give clients.

We were excited to learn they wanted us to really dive into our creative process and create a site that is different than the “standard” solutions a lot of other CPA firms are using. H&J wanted their site to show that they are different than the other guys out there and we were glad to deliver the goods!

  • Streamlined service offerings
  • Reduced menu options by 50%
  • Added blog and social media
  • All new testimonials page.
There are no boring websites only boring brands

Covenant House


We had the great pleasure of working with this outstanding non-profit focused on helping Homeless children survive and get an education.

The focus of this site was to allow parents, students, potential donors, and all interested parties quickly get information, check for upcoming events, and learn more about the program in general.

We were able to deliver a hip, modern, and fun visual identity to this project that appeals to the wide range of demographics the academy caters to.

  • 7,100 + Twitter Followers
  • 120+ Facebook Likes
  • 30%+ Increase in Traffic
Truly good design knows no barriers



Modgy came to us as a company with one product (the Vazu vase) that was looking to create an entirely new brand to handle their growing product lines.

We worked with them on their entire rebranding and web design experience from start to finish to create a company that is modern, edgy, and hip.

We completed this project on the Shopify platform to make it easy for the client to edit, add, and control their products from an extremelly simple back end portal.

Other work on this project include all three products’ logos, the main company brand, and their social media marketing platform.

  • Dramatic increase in sales.
  • Created social media presence from scratch.
  • Reduced order, shipping, and processing time by half.
We definitely enjoy creating logos



Nick Pavlak

Creative Director

Robert Clark

Master Developer

Andrew Wozniak

Art Director





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